Our marinades are made from high quality ingredients and pure, high quality spices ensuring the best taste experience. Apart from the already developed marinades, Lindenburg is able to develop new marinades or adapt existing marinades to the customer requirements in our own trial kitchen.
Lindenburg currently has the following dry marinades in its assortment:

  • Lind Piri Piri
  • Lind Smoky Texan
  • Lind Blackened Cajun
  • Lind Cajun
  • Lind Fajita
  • Lind Roma
  • Lind BBQ
  • Lind Italian Ceasar
  • Lind Tandoori
  • Lind Fish Dry Cure Marinade
  • Lind Fish Dry Cure Marinade – Dye
  • Lind Fish Dry Cure Marinade – Smoky
  • Lind Dry Cure for ham/bacon
  • Lind Spice mix RS


Several glazes are available in the Lindenburg assortment to for example obtain a golden brown exterior of cooked hams with smoky flavour, or a caramelised coating. Development of glazes together with the customer is a strength of Lindenburg. Lindenburg is able to trial for product development in our own test kitchen.

Products include:

  • Lind DS Burnt sugar glaze
  • Lind Deli Spice Italian Ceasar glaze
  • Lind Honey sugar syrup glaze
  • Lind Maple syrup glaze
  • Lind Rotasil Smoky


Lindenburg has some stuffing’s, especially for the poultry industry, in its assortment. Development of new stuffing’s is one of the possibilities.
At the moment Lindenburg supplies:

  • Lind Garlic Kiev stuffing
  • Lind Kiev stuffing
  • Lind Farmhouse stuffing