Injection and tumbling mixes for pork

Bacon & Gammon

Lindenburg has several types of bacon mixes which can be fine-tuned to the required needs with respect to yield, quality, colour, taste, clean label, etc. Fine-tuning of the product will be done depending on the customer requirements for the end product.
Examples of bacon cures in our assortment are:

  • Bacon cure following Bord Bia regulations containing: Salt, Sodium Nitrite, Sodium Nitrate and Sodium Ascorbate. Products in this segment are: Lind BM4, Lind BM5, Lind BB.
  • High yield bacon cure based on Salt, Sodium Nitrite (and if required Sodium Nitrate), Cure accelerant and Pork protein with a possible addition of phosphate. For example: Lind GC3, Lind GC4, Lind GCS, Lind GH
  • Maple syrup bacon cure, being a bacon cure with additional flavouring
  • Smoked bacon cure, being a bacon cure with additional smoke flavouring without the physical smoking processing step.

Cooked ham

Lindenburg cooked ham mixes are dependant on the customer needs for that specific product. There are several base mixes which are fine-tuned to match the required needs.
Several options are:

  • Cures to obtain high quality product with low to medium yield gain for the manufacture from whole muscle meat. Products: Lind 30FE, Lind BL, Lind GHE
  • Cures to obtain medium to high yield gain products from muscle parts or muscle parts already reduced in size for better processing. products include: Lind HY, Lind MC4, Lind ME2
    • Adding flavour or colour to the medium to high yield gain cures is an option as for high yield gain products the flavouring and colouring can be diminished due to the high water content

Cures are available including all necessary salt, but are generally sold with less salt than needed in the brine to give customers the ability to tune salt content in their product themselves.
Most cures for ham can be tuned to reduce sodium content by making use of potassium salts for some of the additives in the cure formulation if the customer requires this.


Lindenburg also has functional mixes for the processing of beef. For example, making minced meat roast beef, corned beef (Irish style), pastrami, smoke-dried meat and beef ham are among the possibilities.

Lindenburg can also supply cures containing colour stabilizers, tenderizers and cold meat binding agents (both enzyme based).

The beef product range of Lindenburg starts with cures with a single purpose and ends with complete cures to treat beef for further processing or to make end products.

Lindenburg products for beef are:

  • Complete cures to treat beef from low to high yield depending on the composition of the cure concerned.
    • Can contain: glucose syrup, phosphate, Lind Preservative Vinegar, Ascorbate, protein and starch
      • Products: Lind 8, Lind 8C, Lind Lind K
  • Lind DAN PHR has a pH enhancing function and as a result of this can be used as phosphate replacer. This liquid product is colourless and tasteless in the end product and can be used in the brine used for injecting.
  • Colour stabiliser for use in minced meat. This product can be used as a sulphite replacer in minced meats.
    • Product: Lind CS based on ascorbic acid, Ascorbate and glucose syrup