Lindenburg has products on offer that will, when diluted in water, give the outside of products taste, colour and a shiny appearance. Flavour can be smokiness in various intensities, but other flavours are also available on request. The colour that the browning agent imparts on the surface of the product can range from yellow to golden brown to red/brown grilled depending on the specific needs for the product. 

These products are typically used for oven cooked products in the meat industry and for freshly packed fish products. 

Examples are:

  • Lind Rotasil HGP
  • Lind Rotasil Gold
  • Lind Rotasil Grill LC
  • Lind Rotasil Smoky
  • Lind Master Colour Grill MC
  • Lind Master Colour Grill Pure
  • Lind Burnt Sugar
  • Lind Liquid Smoke
  • Lind Natural Annatto Colour